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Sunday’s Best (by Phylicia P.)
Spotted wearing F-STOP! Thank you so much :)

Sunday’s Best (by Phylicia P.)

Spotted wearing F-STOP! Thank you so much :)


I know its been days since my last update. It has been a crazy and stressful week for me, swear! Cut off the negative-vibes! Guess what???? I have something for you! I’ll be throwing my first ever blog giveaway!! *Wootwoot!

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Fresh this February

F-STOP will finally comeback to selling online! I’ve been too busy with work but I missed my shop so much and now I will really try to make to be active again. I’m so excited! February is the new January! See you all on Feb 12! :)


Esprit Collection top | Zara skirt

If you’re wondering how this outfit came about, it all started with this lovely laptop case I got from Snupped.com. Yes, that colorful thing I’m holding is a laptop bag! Snupped is a Singaporean brand that lets you design/customize your own…


Hello to all my Batch 25C clients,

First of all, I would like to apologize if the 3rd box has not yet arrived here in the Philippines. I’ve texted all of you, who are still waiting for your orders about the real status of the shoes. Most of the other clients in this batch (two-thirds) have already received their orders. Even though I’ve already sent you personal text messages, I would like to be honest enough to announce that the box has been missing in transit. But be rest assured that I am really working hard to retrieve them and make sure the supplier knows and is liable for such.

Batch 26 even got here to arrive first and I know you (remaining clients) may be losing patience over waiting now but I really appreciate that you’ve have been understanding all along. This hurdle has been so stressful along with my other jobs and responsibilities and I’m doing my best to conquer it. :)

Like you, I’m also waiting for the packages to arrive and like you, there’s nothing more that I want than to deliver your orders as soon as I can. Please understand that I order internationally and most of the waiting depends on the supplier and/or international courier.

Aside from that, recent Korean/Chinese holidays have dragged some transactions because of business day offs in their country. I’m really working on it and will update you as soon as I get news. And if anything happens, I’ve always refunded my clients so that won’t be a problem.



owner, F-STOP 

F-SPOTTED | Thea Castillo

I love how my client Thea, is working this lace top from F-STOP's SHOP VINTAGE section! It’s so nice to find clients wearing F-STOP with pride. Hello shoppers, feel free to let me know your links if you have outfit posts of any F-STOP item. I’d really appreciate it. Would love to feature you!

FOLLOW THEA: http://limechartreuse.blogspot.com

F-STOP Blogged: Fasy0nista

Fashion blogger Maye, paid the recent Port 88 bazaar a visit and dropped by our booth a.k.a “The House of Vintage,” hahaha. She had her customized keychain made by Ana and took a photo with the three of us.

It was nice meeting Maye in person. I wasn’t expecting that she knew me, of course she was probably there because of Ana or Aisa but it was a giddy feeling that she knows me too and has visited my blog a couple of times. I appreciate her quick feature of our booth during the bazaar. :)

Follow her blog: http://fasyonista.com/

I was carrying the ASIAN FASHION satchel from my store! :)

And I also wore the Gianmarco inspired lego heels from SHOP ASIAN.
Yez I model my own stuff. Haha. I love my own, of course!

Finally here we are with Maye! Nice meeting you dear! :)

All photos from Maye’s blog!

F-STOP listed as one of “Best Multiply Shops” by Iambourgeois

Okay, so some of you might question the one who made the list right? Lauren, one of our top local bloggers (PH) doesn’t claim to be a shopping guru but she has that credible voice in giving recommendations, features and reviews to a global audience.

To be included in the list is heartwarming. Multiply has over 98,000 merchants and F-STOP isn’t as popular as some of the other shops doing business in the multiply market place. The fact that a blogger like Lauren took notice of the store and listed it as “best” from her point of view, I already feel so blessed.

You should see her article (http://iambourgeois.com/online-shopping-philippines-best-multiply-shops/)! It contains a feature on the new e-commerce system Multiply now implements and best of all, she provided a long list of trusted multiply sellers that is categorized according to sections or particular items (example: shoes, clothing, bags, accessories, cosmetics).

Safe online shopping made easier for you!

I admit I’m not the best seller out there because I’ve had cases of late shippings (due to work :( boo, school, or other activities, or because of the supplier for shop asian section). But I can be 100% trusted. You know you’ll get your item or even your money back (for refund cases). For sure!

To all the customers and shoppers who trust F-STOP and continue to support us, I am beyond grateful! :) Like us on facebook!

F-SPOTTED | Donna Lim (Pt. 4)

Clearly, Donna doesn’t run out of ideas in wearing her F-STOP Sue Bee inspired platforms from the shop asian section!

She looked so cute. And would you believe her jacket is from ukay? Awesome right?!

FOLLOW HER BLOG for style inspirations! http://missdonata.blogspot.com/

F-STOP Blogged: Creepers wishlist by iambourgeois

Lauren, the blogger behind I am Bourgeois is one of the most credible, honest, and straight-forward bloggers that I follow. She writes witty and reliable product reviews and brand features that any reader would find very useful.

I really admire her as a senior blogger. She’s not that old in terms of age, but in terms of years in blogging, she’s been around for quite a looong time! On the other hand, I, a (toddler) blogger myself, has been on this active-inactive status and just seeing her update her site regularly, while still publishing entries that are worth reading is just inspiring. It shows how committed she is despite the other things that she needs to do. Amazing.

I have all the respect for her, and so when I found out that she has mentioned F-STOP on her blog, I felt proud somehow. It’s an honor and pleasure, not to mention she has a solid following and readership and she’s one of the veterans and most influential bloggers in the fashion category niche.

I got really giddy when she included F-STOP's products in her creepers wish list. I'm glad there are some items in the store that she found interesting enough to be shared with her readers.

So check out her full entry to see the creepers that caught her eye from F-STOP and other shops. http://iambourgeois.com/shopping/creepers-trend-i-need-creepers-in-my-life/

Thanks Lauren! Super!

F-STOP Blogged: September Collection (Pt 2)

Two other fellow bloggers and previous clients have been kind enough to help F-STOP spread the word about it’s latest SHOP VINTAGE September Collection. I’d like to thank Donna Lim of Miss Donata and Michelle Sazon of Days in the life of… for contributing in the promotion of the collection. :)

Full entry: http://missdonata.blogspot.com/2011/09/vintage-love.html

Full entry: http://shoutwhenindoubt.tumblr.com/post/10757959460/remember-f-stop-shop-which-i-mentioned-in-my

Check out their blogs and follow them if you like! :) Of course like them, if you blog about the collection from September 29 - October 4, you’ll get a 10% discount on all you orders in those dates!

Also, if you like F-STOP on facebook or follow here on tumblr you’ll also earn a 5% discount for your orders on the same dates (both discounts can’t be combined). Make sure you let me know which ones you have done, or else I couldn’t compute it for yah. Remind me, okay :)

Send me your entry links to melanie_entuna@yahoo.com. Shop F-STOP for amazing thrift finds at affordable prices! :)

Thanks Michelle for blogging about F-STOP’s latest collection! :)


Remember F-STOP shop, which I mentioned in my previous blog post? Yes, that’s where I got my mustard blazer, which I wore for the photo shoot!

Anyway, they’re gonna be releasing another SHOP VINTAGE collection this coming Friday, September 30, 2011 and according to them, it’s gonna be “a good mix of clothing pieces for a variety of styles - feminine, vintage or edgy”. I posted above some of the pieces that will be put on sale and I’m already eyeing on the edgy pieces among the bunch! I’m not gonna miss this collection. That’s for sure!


1. You can blog about F-STOP’s September SHOP VINTAGE collection and send the link to melanie_entuna@yahoo.com and get 10% discounts on all F-STOP items ordered from September 29-October 4!

2. OR like F-STOP’s fan page on Facebook or follow their Tumblr account and get 5% discount on all F-STOP orders from September 29-October 4.


F-STOP Blogged: September Collection (Pt 1)

A few bloggers have helped F-STOP spread the word about the store’s upcoming September Collection this Friday, Sept 30 and it’s ongoing September Super Sale. Thank you guys for helping in the promotions! Means a lot :)

Of course, blogging about the September Collection from means they’re getting 10% discount off on all their orders from Sept 29 to October 4.

And a simple gesture of liking F-STOP on facebook or following here on tumblr means 5% off on all your orders within same date as well. :) (Note: Both discounts cannot be combined.)

If you’ve blogged about F-STOP’s September Collection, let me know! I’ll make sure to put you on my people-to-give-discounts-to list. Send me a link to melanie_entuna@yahoo.com. Mwuah!

Thank you so much to my blogger friend Aie of aiecorpuz.blogspot.com who wrote about it here. And to one of my recent clients, Angel who posted it in her blog, (i love her blog name btw) Wonder Woman Rises!

On the side,

Thanks again to Amanda about blogging about F-STOP’s ALL-FOR-P90 Sale on accessories! :)

Coming soon: September Collection!

F-STOP (Fashion Stop) is releasing a new collection on its SHOP VINTAGE section this coming Thursday, September 29, 2011! It will be a good mix of clothing pieces for a variety of styles - feminine, vintage or edgy; for sure there will be something for almost everyone. I’ve included here some of the clothes that will be up for sale. Feel free to share about it in your blogs.

For sure there will be animal prints. This time I’m having a SNAKESKIN addiction!

Keep in touch with your feminine side with these fun items!

More on the tough and edgy style? You may want to try these!

Vintage items with a modern twist!


If you reblog this / blog about F-STOP’s Sept Collection, send your links to melanie_entuna@yahoo.com. What’s in store for you? 10% discounts on all F-STOP items ordered from Sept 29 - October 4!

For those who like F-STOP on facebook or follow here on tumblr, you’ll get 5% discount on all F-STOP orders from Sept 29 - October 4.

F-STOP Blogged: Wander-Dreamer

Amanda, the blogger behind wander-dreamer was soo nice to share to her followers about F-STOP’s ongoing all-90Php sale! Buy accessories from F-STOP! For sale, all for P90 only!! :) 


Fashion Stop Shop is having a September Super Sale. All accessories are now only for 90php instead of  100php-150php. I think it’s not too late to share this good news to you guys, you still have 6 days to order. Here are some of their products:

Shop here!